Event: Celebrating 96th Afghanistan Independence Day

Time: Saturday, August 22, 2015

Place: Aga Khan Park, Toronto
50-70 Wynford Drive


The Afghan Association of Ontario (AAO) in collaboration with Aga Khan foundation and the Afghanistan Consulate General in Toronto will be hosting a grand celebration for Afghanistan’s 96th Independence Day on Saturday August 22, 2015 at the Aga Khan park, Toronto. The event begins at 10am and will feature a Flag Hoisting ceremony at 11:30am sharp followed by a rendition of the national anthems of Afghanistan and Canada.

AAO and partners have invited senior high officials of the Canadian government and Diplomats, non-profit organizations and other honorable individuals of our Canadian society.

You and your respected family and friends are invited to join this glorious day celebration!!!

The event also features live music performances, our national dance the Attan, as well as a traditional Afghan clothing show. In addition to all of this we will have special performances for kids! Look out for our spectacular fun-fair where you can enjoy traditional Afghan cuisine - Qabuli, Sheeryakh, Shor Nakhud, etc. and shop at our open bazaar. In sum, it will be a fun-filled event to enjoy with the entire family.

Likewise, AAO is taking this initiative to introduce our community with the new professional Afghan talent faces, and recognizes their accomplishments by a reward (Letter of Appreciation), accordingly.
We look forward to connecting with members of the Afghan and non-Afghan communities in Ontario at this event and joining together to commemorate Afghanistan’s Independence Day.


Event: Afghan-Canadian Professional Youth-Workshop

Time: Saturday, December 19, 2015

Place: Scarborough Civic Centre
150 Borough Drive
Toronto, Ontario


Afghan Association of Ontario (AAO) hosts its first ever Afghan-Canadian Professional Youths workshop to bring together and showcase the talent and achievements of Afghan-Canadian youth all across Ontario. It's the most awaiting event that will involve youth from all professions!!!

The Event will theme the following topics and we will have the pool of highly recognizable and talented young panelists:

  1. 1) Family issues and Problems: Mr. Farouq Tinat
    Parents and children relations
    Women issues in the Afghan society
    Social values of Canadian multicultural society living standards

  2. 2) Drugs and gangs Prevention: Abdul Nuri (Sergeant) Toronto Police Division 51
    Criminal charges of the drugs and gangs
    Prevention of drugs and gangs

  3. 3) Psychological issues/problems among the youths:
    Dr. Zuhra (Psychiatrist)
    What’s the current problem among the youth?
    Reasons of Psychological impacts
    Prevention of the Psychological impacts

  1. 4) Crime/Criminal issues: Venus Sayed (LL.B Hons.)
    Crime prevention
    What's the degree of crime (what's called crime)
    Advocating society to crime free

  2. 5) Laws and orders: Mr Djawid Taheri (LL.M)
    General laws and orders of Canada
    Legal Living standards in Canada
    Awareness of certain societal laws/regulations and citizen rights

  3. 6) Radicalism and Terror: Mr. Hamid Nuri (Barrister & Solicitor)
    What's radicalism?
    Cyber bullying and psychological impacts
    Prevention and advocacy to the community about radicalism and legal consequences against impeaching radicalism

  4. 7) Community engagement and development: Ms Julia Zahidi
    How to be engaged in the community's rehabilitation
    Volunteerism and building

  5. 8) Ontario Education System:
    Defining Ontario Education System (OES)
    Values of education and impeaching/counselling education to all society

  6. 9) Reward and recognition of talents (cadre):
    Recognize the achievements that occurred to self-empowerment, building a prosperous society/community, developing or creating networks or have done donation/volunteering.

In addition, the Gala promises to entertain the entire family with a range of artistic and cultural presentations, food and refreshments for FREE.

As mentioned in the above, a special segment will be dedicated to recognizing high achieving youth for their hard-work and contribution to society. It will also provide an opportunity to network with special guests who will be attending the Event.


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